Consulting services supporting the Project Management Office (PMO) established under NVDA and NBD (Afghanistan)

Hydraulique Regulation des rivieres et gestion des ressources en eau

Consulting services supporting the Project Management Office (PMO) established under NVDA and NBD (Afghanistan)

The contract has two components: NVDA (Nangharar Valley Development Authority) irrigation system (under the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock) and the MEW NBD (Northern Basins Development) irrigation system and Flood Management (under Ministry of Energy and Water

The MAIL NVDA Component.

The Consortium had to assist the PMO with responsibility for: (i) design, procurement and construction supervision for the rehabilitation and upgrade (R&U) of the NVDA irrigation system, (ii) preparation of a business plan for corporatizing NVDA and improving its profitability, (iii) establishment of Irrigation Associations (IAs), to participate in irrigation management (PIM) and (iv) providing OFWM and improved agricultural practice demonstrations at selected sites.

For R&U of the irrigation system, the services include (i) prepare detailed designs for a single international competitive bidding (ICB) contract covering the main, secondary, and tertiary irrigation canals; (ii) assist the PMO with the procurement of the civil works services; (iii) supervise the ensuing construction works and certify progress payments; (iv) assist the PMO in assuring that safeguards in line with ADB's relevant policies are in place; and (v) establish and operate a results-based project management, monitoring and evaluation system.

In particular, the Consortium had to prepare detailed designs for all main, secondary and tertiary irrigation canal rehabilitation and upgrading, include them in the international tender package and, with assistance of the procurement specialist, prepare the tender documents and assist in advertising the work, issuing invitations to bid, responding to queries from prospective bidders, evaluation of bids and carrying out post-qualification of the successful bidder, all in compliance with both MAIL/NVDA procurement procedures and ADB’s Procurement Guidelines.

The MEW NBD and Flood Management Components

The contract involves three international competitive bidding (ICB) contracts covering: (i) the 250 main canal structures (designs are complete and bidding underway), (ii) construction of Bangala Weir and refurbishment of Samarkandian Weir and (iii) construction of the flood protection embankment in Yanqi Qala, construction of gated headworks for the Yetim Tapa irrigation canal, and on the Amu Darya, and emergency protection works for bank erosion control along selected reaches of the upper Amu Darya 

The Consultant has to: (i) prepare detailed designs and bill of quantities, (ii) assist the PMO procure civil work contracts following the ADB (2010) Procurement Guidelines, as amended from time to time, and (iii) supervise construction and act as “the Engineer”.  To ensure sustainability, the consultants will assist the PMO to review O&M fund flows, and develop options for O&M financing to be adopted and implemented by MEW.  Under this contract the Consultant will:

  • review the previous designs of the new Bangala Weir and existing Samarkandian Weir and the cause and extent of the damage the latter suffered in the 2009 flood;
  • review best practice in diversion weir and intake design, in dynamic rivers, discuss and agree with the PMO the design procedure, standards, timeline and responsibilities;  
  • organize and supervise site investigations (soil, topography, hydrology), finalize location of Bangala Weir and its general layout including its intake and flood protection works;
  • prepare the hydraulic design of Bangala Weir including arrangements for safe passage of flood flows, energy dissipation and to avoid sedimentation and seepage problems etc.;
  • supervise the structural design and detailing of Bangala Weir by PMO staff including the preparation of the bill of quantities and construction specifications etc.; 
  • undertake similar activities for the rehabilitation and upgrading of existing Samarkandian Weir and improvement of the operational control of the Samarkandian and Narhi Shahi weirs;
  • assist the O&M Engineer to ensure that sound operational guides and an optimal sediment management plan are prepared and implemented for the improved weirs.
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ADB; Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock and Ministry of Energy and Water


Mazār-i-Sharīf, Yangi Qala, Jalalabad -Afghanistan

Prestations de service

Detailed Design, Work Supervision

Coût des travaux

Euro 30,980,000

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