PMC for 2 Photovoltaic Parks in Milis (Italy)

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PMC for 2 Photovoltaic Parks in Milis (Italy)

Narrative description of Project:

The scope of work is to build two photovoltaic parks for electricity production of about 12 MWp. Each park has a total power generation of about 6 MWp of renewable energy and both are located in Milis near Oristano in the Sardinia. The two photovoltaic parks are called respectively MILIS1 and MILIS2.

The project consists in the construction of 100 greenhouses (steal structural works) upon which the photovoltaic panels are installed.

The greenhouses of the MILIS 1 plant are 49 of the same size, plus a smaller one.

The greenhouses of the MILIS 2 plant are 49 of the same size, plus a smaller one.

The 98 greenhouses (MILIS1+MILIS2) are 99.53 m long and 7.9 m wide; the two smaller greenhouses are 28.44 m long and 7.9 m wide. The foundations of the greenhouses are composed by plinths for a total of 4340 plinths.

The greenhouses are designed for farm cultivation, and in particular, for the first two years, there will be a plantation of alfalfa.

The choice to install the photovoltaic panels on the top of the greenhouses, allows the maximum Italian economic incentives according to the present Italian law for the production and sale of renewable Energy. 

In each greenhouse there are 630 panels and in the two smaller greenhouses there are 180 panels.

In total both in MILIS1 and MILIS2 there are 31050 panels for a total of 62100 panels.

Each of them has a nominal peak power of 190 W.

The parks will be connected to the first electricity cabin located in Narbolia (about 8.8 km from Milis) provided by the distribution operator.


The activity required to Technital is the supervision of the works. Team was also in charge of the following tasks:

  • Convening and chairing the meetings to define the project contents and the schedule of the activities, to check that all the necessary authorisation procedures are abided by, and to solve possible critical situations that may happen during the works;
  • Before the approval of the Detailed Design, verifying the conformity of the document contents with the existing regulations, with the instructions of the Final Design, the available financial supplies, as well as the existence of the technical and administrative elements necessary to obtain the complete availability of the areas and of the parks;
  • Supporting the Client in drafting all the documents and the correspondence necessary to assure that the project progresses smoothly, with regard to the design, authorisation and works execution aspects;
  • Verifying the date of the real start of the works and of any other deadline referring to the works progress;
  • Making sure that all contractual requirements are obeyed, informing the Client about possible defaults and delays by the EPC in the execution of the works, suggesting remedial actions in order to reduce delays to the utmost.
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MILIS Energy S.p.A


Milis (Oristano), Italy


PMC and Works Supervision

Cost of works

Euro 40,000,000

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