Hydroelectric Power Plant of Pont Ventoux in Susa Valley (Italy)

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Hydroelectric Power Plant of Pont Ventoux in Susa Valley (Italy)

The AEM of Torino has tendered the construction of the new Hydroelectric Plant of Pont Ventoux, in Val Susa, which foresees the partial utilisation of Dora Riparia river waters.

The project includes:

  • the main diversion structure constituted by a dam on Dora Riparia River, a water intake structure and all ancillary works;
  • a free surface offtake canal constructed in tunnel for a length of 14 km and a peak flow of 30 m3/sec.;
  • a regulating reservoir in Val Clarea of 560,000 m3 capacity, constituted by a 33 m. high dam and bypass canal;
  • pressure tunnel of 2.75 km in length connected to a pressure steel pipeline of 685 m. in length and 2.8 m. dia.;
  • electric power plant of 388 GW;
  • ancillary works such as access roads and tunnels, restitution canal etc.

The project was carried out in association with Electricitè de France and Coyne et Bellier of France.

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AEM of Turin


Pont Ventoux, Italy


Feasibility study, preliminary and final design, tender documents

Cost of works

Euro 61,974,800

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