Urban Planning Buildings and Architecture

Design and Construction Supervision of the infrastructures related to the Phase 1 of Konza Techno City

Urban Planning Buildings and Architecture Urban and industrial planning

Design and Construction Supervision of the infrastructures related to the Phase 1 of Konza Techno City

The Konza Technology City (KTC) is a project of the Government of Kenya (GoK), implemented through the Konza Technopolis Development Authority (KoTDA), under the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MOICT).

Konza City will be constructed over a 5000 acre land, located approximately 60km south of Nairobi Center. The city plot boundaries are the A109 Highway (Mombasa Road) to the east, and Konza-Katmani Road to the west.

The city is designed to allow phased development, and Phase 1 includes various types of land uses and infrastructures that would support future phases of development.

The project concerns the development of a new smart technology city of about 28’000 inhabitants including:

  • 40km of landscaped streets complete with drainage facilities and subsurface utilities (water distribution, sewage collection, drainage network, reuse water network, under pressure solid waste network)
  • Parks and open spaces
  • Water treatment plant and storage reservoir and related infrastructure
  • Wastewater Reclamation Facility and related infrastructures
  • Electrical distribution system including approximately 40Km of electric power lines, substations, transformers and other appurtenances
  • Transit Hub building
  • Police and Fire Station building
  • Solid Waste Handling Facility
  • Entrance and Security Features

The road hierarchy and classification within the Project area comprises the following:

  • Arterial: Technology Boulevard (total length approximately 1’000m)
  • Collector: Auto Boulevard & University Boulevard (total length approximately 5’500m)
  • Public Transit Corridor: Green Boulevard, 60meter parkscape (total length approximately 3’000m)
  • District Distributor (total length approximately 3’000m)
  • Local Distributor (total length approximately 2’500m)
  • Local (total length approximately 20’000m)
  • Service Roads (total length approximately 5’000m).
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KoTDA (Konza Technopolis Development Authority)


Machakos County - Kenya


Concept Design, Preliminary Design, Detailed Design, Construction Supervision Progetto Concettuale, Progetto Preliminare, Progetto Esecutivo, Supervisione

Cost of works

about Euro 367,000,000

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