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Enhancement of the wastewater treatment plant of Savona (Italy)

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Enhancement of the wastewater treatment plant of Savona (Italy)

The plant is currently used for the treatment of urban waste water from Varazze, Celle Ligure, Albissola Marina, Albisola Superiore, Savona, Quiliano, Vado Ligure, Bergeggi, Spotorno and Noli municipalities (conventionally defined “urban waste water from the Savona area”).

The ITR plant (Effluent Treatment Plant), for the pre-treatment of special non dangerous liquid effluents, which are conveyed to the station by means of tankers (“special pre-treated waste”), also started operation recently.

The project provides for the enhancement of the plant on the whole to make it fit also for the treatment of urban effluents from Finale Ligure, Borgio Verezzi, Calice Ligure, Rialto, Orco Feglino and, partially, Vezzi Portio (conventionally defined “urban effluents from the Finale Ligure area”).

The plant has a maximum potential capacity of 305,000 Equivalent In-habitants; the maximum acceptable share of special waste amounts to little less than 80,000 Equivalent In-habitants.

The project included the following works:

  • new final filtration of effluents;
  • new dynamic thickening station for waste sludge;
  • new mechanical dehydration section with high capacity centrifuges
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Consorzio per la Depurazione delle Acque di Scarico


Savona, Italy


Detailed Design, EIA, Works Supervision

Cost of works

Euro 2,780,000

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