Origins and History

TECHNITAL S.p.A. is an Italian joint stock company founded in 1964 and...

specialized in engineering services for major works providing consultancy services for public administrations and for private entities. It is one of the largest and oldest Italian engineering companies and occupies a significant position on the international scale.

One of Italy’s leading consulting engineering firms, TECHNITAL is a dynamic company whose sectors of activity cover transport infrastructure (roads and motorways, railways, inland waterways, urban transport, ports and airports), hydraulics (water potabilisation and desalination plants, dams, aqueducts, sewerage systems, waste water treatment), maritime and coastal engineering, environmental and sanitary engineering (dump sites, recycling plants, incineration and waste to energy plants), buildings and architecture.

The company covers the full range of services, from planning and feasibility studies through to detailed design, works supervision and technical assistance.

Thanks to its high level of expertise, its dynamic nature and versatility, management autonomy and efficiency and its sophisticated hardware equipment and software libraries, the Company has been awarded large scale international and national projects by major public and private clients and by international funding organizations.

TECHNITAL’s headquarters are situated in Verona, Italy. The organization abroad includes 16 between branches and subsidiaries in Armenia, Algeria, Croatia, Djibouti, Georgia, Iraq, Kenya, Kossovo, Qatar, Trinidad & Tobago, Tunisia, Uruguay and Zambia and a number of local offices which is continuously changing according to the on-going international projects. 

Given the firm’s considerable international experience, TECHNITAL’s staff are perfectly at ease working in the main international languages (English, French, Spanish) and using intentional engineering codes (BS, ASTM, AASHTO, ASME, API and the like) and international standard contract (FIDIC and others).