The Energy sector is becoming of fundamental importance globe-wide...

as recent facts have witnessed, energy is more and more becoming a tool of strategy for gearing the world equilibrium. In addition to that the demand of energy is naturally facing an exceptional rise because of population growth, urbanization, industrial needs of emerging economies. On the other side the energy sector as a whole is undergoing a major transformation because of the environmental challenges, the resources constraints and the technological advancement.

The consultancy activities related to this sector aims at the energy transition for green under the ambition to build a better society less and less relying on fossil fuels and nuclear plants and under the growing awareness that world can’t count on unlimited access to energy and climate change becomes the real driver of man’s future actions.

It is out of question that this sector is very dynamic as it evolves according to the continuous change of globe conditions. This fact also compels the engineers to a dynamic approach aiming at minimizing project footprints by applying modern and better practices and more balanced approache.

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