Marine and Coastal Engineering

Land reclamation and revetment works for the New Doha International Airport - NDIA (Qatar)

Marine et Cotiere Dragage et remblai de terre-plein

Land reclamation and revetment works for the New Doha International Airport - NDIA (Qatar)

TECHNITAL has been appointed by the Government of the State of Qatar, represented by the NDIA Steering Committee, to provide the design and tender documents for the expansion of the NDIA reclaimed platform over an area of 107 ha. of land and sea, partially covered by construction and bulky waste.

The project includes the following main works:

  • site preparation to receive fill, including the removal of 1,150 m of existing revetment, site clearance from bulky wastes, preliminary spreading and levelling of in-situ materials;
  • land reclamation with approx. 2.5 million m³ of granular material to be placed as engineered fill capable of carrying shallow foundations and pavements;
  • construction of approx. 700 m of rock revetments, including reinforcement of the existing bund located on the site’s northern boundary, to protect the reclamation platform from wave action and flooding risk;
  • construction of approx. 1,200 m of buried concrete box culvert, with a gravity outfall through the revetment, to allow the discharge into the sea of surface runoff discharging through an existing outfall located at the lower east boundary of the site.

The engineering services carried out comprise the following:

  • desk study for the identification of sources for supply of fill and rock materials;
  • topographic and bathymetric surveys, geotechnical and environmental investigations;
  • desk study including the preliminary assessment of design conditions and the conceptual design of the works, based on site surveys and investigations, collection and analysis of environmental data, wave, hydrodynamic and hydraulic modelling studies;
  • comprehensive detailed design of the works;
  • preparation of tender documents for construction.

Also, as part of the engineering services, TECHNITAL has been requested to provide a Marine Ecological Survey Report, to carry out transplantation of the seagrass and Pinna Nobilis species from the Land Reclamation project site on the north-west side of NDIA and to undertake monitoring activities subsequent to the transplantation on a twice-a-year basis for a total of three years and to provide written monitoring reports at the end of each monitoring year.

In addition to the above, TECHNITAL has been appointed to provide factual assistance to the Client during the whole tendering process, from the pre-qualification phase to the evaluation of bids and to undertake post-contract technical support services during the Land Reclamation Works comprising of the following:

  • Advise the Project Manager / Employer regarding the requirements and interpretation of the Contract Documents;
  • Review and comment on all technical submissions provided by the Contractor and advise the Project Manager / Employer regarding conformance with Contract Documents (including Contractor’s shop drawings, temporary works, RFI’s, material submittals, technical reports, subcontractor approval request and method statements);
  • Participate in technical / progress meetings;
  • Undertake periodic site visits with the Project Manager / Employer during the construction period, provide advice / observations on the technical matters, and submit a report directly to the Project Manager with regards to the Contractor’s working method, material used, trial activities, benchmarking, quality and discrepancies between the Works and the requirements of the Contract Documents;
  • Advice the Project Manager / Employer regarding the requirements for testing and inspections and the frequency thereof, including any factory acceptance tests;
  • Amend the drawings and technical specifications as may be required and assist in the preparation of Variation Orders;
  • Advice and assist the Project Manager / Client during the Contract close-out process and undertake the necessary technical services during the Period of Maintenance as required.
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New Doha International Airport Steering Committee



Prestations de service

Preliminary Design, Detailed Design; Tender Documents, Works Supervision

Coût des travaux

Euro 71,425,000

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