Environmental Sustaiability

Environmental sustainability

TECHNITAL has developed a wide and far seeing vision that aims at improving...

people’s lives and to the valorisation of local resources. In the contemporary world the design of small or big works cannot be regardless of the consequences that every single intervention could have on the environment and, therefore on the people.

Sustainability: understanding the world of today to plan the world of tomorrow

At TECHNITAL, before starting any project, the areas of intervention are studied and deeply investigated. The knowledge of the environmental, social and economic context is the starting point to elaborate sustainable projects. Frequently the company, through the design of structures and infrastructures, has the chance to contribute to the growth of developing countries. Here the context of the works is always strongly related to the places of execution and to the local people: this is vital within a vision of sustainable development. The awareness of the consequences of the engineering choices of today is, in fact, extremely important for the future development of the communities.

Sustainability and environmental safeguard

The engineering solutions proposed by TECHNITAL, as well as the efficiency in the fulfilment of their functions, have the following objectives:

  • The effective employment of the natural resources
  • The prevention of environmental degradation
  • The development of the local communities accordingly to their means and capabilities in the context of a global growth
  • The protection of the ecosystems and environmental requalification
  • The environmental mitigation of the works

Modus operandi for a sustainable development

TECHNITAL’s purpose is to contribute to a sustainable development within the project itself. The stock of technical knowledge and experience ripened in decades of activity is made available for the development of innovative and multidisciplinary approaches and is in constant evolution and growth. TECHNITAL’s professionals have at their disposal different tools for continuous updates about the new environmentally-friendly technologies.

As far as the design on international scale is concerned, the company believes that the collaboration with local experts is fundamental for the realization of efficient works that can also contribute to the development of the local communities. Moreover, the collaboration and knowledge exchange with the local technicians is an important chance for the company to increase its know-how and to contribute to the diffusion of the engineering knowledge for a global sustainable development.