Vision and Values

Vision and Values

The feature that best describes TECHNITAL’s soul is its ability to...

perform projects that correctly interact with the environment i.e. with the context in which human life develops. The design is an idea of development, an idea of environment and, above all, an idea for humanity. Therefore, the human being is the protagonist of TECHNITAL’s activity: man as the designer but, above all, man himself as the user and recipient of an imagined infrastructure that becomes reality.

The staff is composed of a wide range of expertise that covers all aspects of civil works and infrastructures. This ability is the concretization of the idea of synthesis that determines every choice and every decision of the company.

The process is similar to generation of life in a tree where the leaves make the lymph, carried by a complex network of ribbing, meet the sun’s rays so that leaves can regenerate the lymph itself by drawing strength from the sun and bring nutrition to the tree. In the same way TECHNITAL is a meeting point of different experiences and skills allowing a project conceived in the inside to develop into a work realised outside.

In the same way as a tree that cannot grow without the vital meeting between lymph and sun’s rays, a project can develop only if the meeting of many different capabilities takes place: on the surface of a leaf, the integration between heat and light from the sun and nutrition from the lymph generates life in the tree, and, inside the working group, the integration of skills generates an idea of infrastructure that becomes a vital element for society and, in other words, for human beings.

Human society can improve if the project is not only a work but first of all a smart idea. When the process (which is a synthesis and a meeting of different experiences) to produce this idea is able to reproduce the dynamics of society (which is also a synthesis and a sharing of different experiences), the soundness of the result is ensured.