Human Resources

Human Resources

TECHNITAL believes human resources to be the true driving force in a company and that the high quality products offered by the company are the result both of the professional expertise of the individuals and of the common spirit of collaboration in relationships between individuals and between the groups that make up the staff.

A staff that is constantly improving

TECHNITAL's staff is of more than 250 persons. Approximately 85% of personnel are involved directly in engineering activities (engineers, architects, geologists, ecologists, modelling experts, draftsmen and quantity surveyors) pursued in the various departments. The remaining part is concerned with general services (administration, accounting, facility management, legal matters, secretariats and archives, human resource management, quality system, IT, photocopying services, communication).

Professional expertise and skills

The professional characteristics and skills of the individual members of the TECHNITAL’s staff undergo periodic review, in accordance with a specific quality procedure, in order to guarantee a high level of preparation of the personnel and the suitable allocation of resources to specific projects. Training is of key importance: each year the CEO establishes the budget allocation for improving skills to ensure that the quality of the company remains at the highest level.

Meeting between generations

The trend for the average age of TECHNITAL personnel to decrease is the result of a policy pursued by the Company in recent years to involve young professionals in the production activities. Alongside this, data regarding the personnel service record, shows on the one hand the trend of TECHNITAL employees to remain with the company for a long time, and on the other hand the Company’s ability to develop the loyalty of its own employees. Great importance is given to continuously flanking younger staff (juniors) with personnel of greater experience (seniors), to ensure the continuity of company know-how.

Activism and participation

A feature of TECHNITAL is its climate of great dynamism and collaboration: staff members, even when they are located in geographically distant international sites, work together as a single unit. This allows them to respond in the best possible way to the specific work needs and to the demands of managing often highly complex projects requiring the integration of diverse skills, to ensure the product quality and compliance with the Client’s requirements.