Environmental Sustaiability

Social Accountability

TECHNITAL has established to provide the organization with...

a social responsibility management system, in compliance with the SA 8000:2014 standard, which has the objective of enhancing and protecting all personnel falling within the sphere of control of an organization.

Therefore, the Company undertakes:

    • to ensure the protection of workers' rights, health and safety; 
    • continuous improvement of workers' working conditions;
    • not to use child labour or forced labour;
    • not to facilitate human trafficking (understood as the recruitment, transfer, segregation of people, through threat, force or other forms of coercion, for the purpose of exploitation);
    • to comply with national and supranational laws and regulations regarding the protection of workers, international conventions and recommendations, including the resolutions of bodies such as the ILO (International Labour Organization) and the ONU (United Nations Organization );
    • to respect freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining;
    • to oppose all forms of discrimination and unequal treatment (in recruitment, salaries, access to training, career promotions), based on issues of race, nationality, religion, disability, gender, sexual preferences, union membership, philosophical beliefs, political affiliation, etc.;
    • to fully and impartially apply the national collective labour agreement to all employees, punctually paying the established salary and paying all the related social security, welfare and insurance contributions;
    • to guarantee the protection of maternity and paternity as well as disabled persons;
    • to promote and improve the conditions of safety and physical and mental well-being of its collaborators with both preventive and corrective actions;
    • to implement the necessary communication, information and training, to ensure the conscious participation of workers in the application of the social accountability system;
    • to activate a communication and dialogue system with all interested parties (workers, suppliers, customers, trade unions, local communities, etc.), which allows easy access to information on the services provided and on the moral correctness of one's work and allows understand the expectations and the degree of satisfaction of the interested parties themselves;
    • to carry out constant action aimed at involving, motivating and developing the professionalism of all personnel, through continuous training, information and awareness-raising interventions;
    • to select its suppliers and partners, among those who respect the same ethical principles;
    • to facilitate the reporting of any type of complaint in order to fail to comply with the SA 8000 standard and with the social responsibility policy.  

In this regard, the references of the Certification Body (RINA) and of the Accreditation Body (SAAS) are given below:

  • RINA: Via Corsica, 12 – 15126 Genoa – Email [email protected]
  • SOCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY ACCREDITATION SERVICES (SAAS) - 15 West 44th Street, 6th Floor - New York, NY 10036 - Tel: (212) 391-2106 Fax: (212) 684-1515 - E-mail: [email protected]

The Management of Technital S.p.A. has the direct responsibility for documenting the policy and for ensuring that it is understood, implemented and communicated internally and externally (if necessary, translated into the languages spoken by foreign workers).