New International Airport (Djibouti)

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New International Airport (Djibouti)

The implementation of a new International Airport is of strategic importance for Djibouti, in view of the opportunity to play a major role as hub for the air-sea transit and regional platform for redistribution of freight across the East African sub-region. The Client indicated a large area of land made available for the new airport, consisting in a 225 Km2 area south-west of Djibouti City, and provided the reference traffic scenario for the design of 2 million passengers/year.

The Study involved the following activities:

  • Identification of alternative sites for the new airport, comparative evaluation with regard to different aspects (geology, topography, aeronautical procedures and obstacles, accessibility, environmental constraints, construction cost, etc.) and selection of the most suitable site;
  • Based on the analysis of the traffic data at the existing airport, estimation of the reference traffic scenario for dimensioning the airport in the first operation period (Phase 1), as appropriate for a prudent schedule of the investments;
  • Design of the airport layout with regard to the short-term (Phase 1), and subsequent development of facilities to meet the long-term traffic demand (Phase 2). Runway orientation was defined based on the available wind records in such a way to obtain an adequate usability factor and at the same time minimizing the orographic obstacles.

The proposed airport includes the following facilities:

  • Runway L=2,800 m in Phase 1, with an operational capacity adequate to serve a range of 6.000 Km (3,250 NM) which allows non-stop direct flights to the main African and European Capitals (ICAO Code: 4E). In Phase 2 the runway length is increased to 3.600 m as adequate to serve the maximum ranges allowed by modern aeronautics industry (ICAO Code: 4F);
  • Navigation aids: VOR-DME, ILS, approach lighting system (full length);
  • Parallel Taxiway, with end links and rapid exits;
  • Aircraft Apron, Heliport, service roads;
  • Control Tower, Fire Fighting, Meteorological Service, Ground Support Equipment;
  • Passenger Terminal, Cargo Terminal, State Ceremonial & VIP Terminal, Parking areas; 
  • Environmental Services, Fuel Storage.
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Ministry of Equipment & Transport - Republic of Djibouti


Djibouti, Republic of Djibouti


Pre-feasibility Study

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