Waste Treatment

Waste to Energy Plant of Busto Arsizio (Italy)

Waste treatment Waste to energy plants

Waste to Energy Plant of Busto Arsizio (Italy)

The plant has two parallel lines with common waste feed ditch, solid waste processing lines and auxiliary services. From the waste feeding hoppers to furnaces to the atmospheric emissions from the chimney stack, the plant is wholly managed by an automated system controlled by operators from the control room.

Each treatment line has a combustion chamber with horizontal moving grates, a steam generator, a fume purification system (including non-catalytic reduction system for nitric oxide with urea injection, absorption reactor with calcium and activated carbon suspension for acid gas treatment and removal of micro-polluting compounds, de-dusting system by means of a bag filter and the absorption process with a soda solution) and a fume evacuation system (with a fan, a heat exchanger and a stack). Each line is also provided with thermal cycle with a turbo-alternator and air condenser.

Project Figures:

  • Number of lines              n. 2
  • Flow capacity                 t/h 21
  • Waste LHV                     kcal/kg 2,200
  • Thermal capacity           MW 53.7
  • Steam generation          t/h 55
  • Power                            MW 9.2 
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ACCAM SpA – Busto Arsizio


Busto Arsizio (Varese), Italy


Preliminary Design, EIA, PMC

Cost of works

Euro 35 million

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