Waste Treatment

Waste to Energy Plant of Lecce (Italy)

Waste treatment Waste to energy plants

Waste to Energy Plant of Lecce (Italy)

The Project:

The project developed the plant on two parallel lines with common waste feed ditch, as well as solid waste treatment plants and auxiliary services.

Each line includes:

  • combustion chamber with grate system;
  • steam generator;
  • fume purification system;
  • fume evacuation system;
  • thermal cycle with a turbo-alternator and air con- denser.

Project Figures:

  • Number of lines n. 2
  • Flow capacity          t/h 13
  • Thermal capacity    MW 26.5
  • Power                MW 9.2
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Municipality of Lecce


Lecce, Italy


Detailed Design

Cost of works

Euro 32 million

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