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Panigaglia LNG terminal navigation Study (Italy)

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Panigaglia LNG terminal navigation Study (Italy)

The study covers the nautical aspects of a wider Project regarding the “Modernization and Upgrading of Panigaglia LNG Facilities” in the Gulf of La Spezia. 

The figures below show the present layouts of the site with the storage tanks and vaporisation units and of the terminal.

The main purpose of the study was to determine the works necessary to render the present terminal suitable for LNG carriers with cargo capacity of 145,000 m3.

The objective was achieved with a navigation study carried out with help of a fast time simulator (SHIPMA).

In the preliminary stage (pre-model phase) nautical assessment was carried out on the basis of International Recommendations (PIANC, BS, etc.) to define width and depths of approaching channel and turning basin.

All nautical aspects to make the navigation safe (land contour with re-shaped terminal, depths after dredging, new channel and turning basin) were successively inputted in the SHIPMA model that is capable of performing (by means of an auto-pilot) typical harbour manoeuvres like turning, reverse sailing and berthing. The effect of stern/bow thrusters and tug/s assistance is also computed if needed.

conducted with the design ship according to a project plan agreed with the Client (below is a departure). 

The simulation results were produced in the form of:

  • Track plot showing the evolution of the position, course and heading of the ship;
  • Data plots containing:
    • rudder angle, number of propeller revs, ship speed, course deviation and distance to the desired track;
    • environmental parameters including wind speed and wave height and relate forces on the ship, flow velocity, water depth etc.

 Operational procedures were reviewed according to the results of simulation programs.

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Tecon S.r.l.


La Spezia, Italy


Navigation Study

Cost of works


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