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New EXXON berth and modification of the PetroLig berth for oil products in Vado Ligure (Italy)

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New EXXON berth and modification of the PetroLig berth for oil products in Vado Ligure (Italy)

The operations to erect the New Multipurpose Platform at Vado Ligure Port would interfere with the efficiency of existing PetroLig and Exxon berths.

After the evaluation of different possible alternatives, a new Exxon berth, in substitution of the existing one (to be dismantled), and modifications to the PetroLig jetty mooring system (dolphins instead of buoys) appeared the best solution.

New Exxon berth

Project requirements:

  • berth operational limits unchanged;
  • handling the same products as at the existing berth;
  • products loading/unloading by means of flexible hoses;
  • piping connection between the new platform and the existing Exxon ashore piping;
  • berth operational procedures unchanged.
  • tankers displacement range 5.000 ÷ 12.000 DWT;

The new infrastructures are:

  • steel platform with equipment for products loading/unloading and related utilities;
  • 3 steel mooring dolphins, the fore one shared with PetroLig berth;
  • 2 steel breasting dolphins;
  • new dedicated piping along PetroLig jetty, from the platform to jetty root, and interconnecting with existing ashore piping.

PetroLig berth modifications

Project requirements:

  • berth operational limits unchanged;
  • use of existing loading/unloading system, as a consequence the present distance between the tanker stern and the jetty platform shall be maintained;
  • tankers displacement range 12.000 ÷ 25.000 DWT.

The new infrastructures are:

  • 2 steel mooring dolphins;
  • 3 steel breasting dolphins.
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Port Authority of Savona


Vado Ligure, Italy


Feasibility Study, Detailed Design, Tender Documents

Cost of works

Euro 9,273,703

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