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Rehabilitation of the Port of Shengjin (Albania)

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Rehabilitation of the Port of Shengjin (Albania)

The project for the rehabilitation of the Port of Shengjin was part of the huge scheme to develop and upgrade the Albanian transport network, being implemented in accordance with the National Transport Master Plan of 2006 and the Albanian National Transport Strategy. The project’s overall objective was to promote the improvement of Albanian Maritime Sector by modernizing and developing the existing port infrastructure, thereby contributing to the integration of Albania in the European Maritime System.

The rehabilitation project was integral to the implementation of the Port Master Plan, and comprised engineering consultancy services for the construction of a 105 m long new quay for general cargo with design depth of 7.35 m below MSL, and a new paved and equipped operating yard of approx. 6,500 m2. The placing of a preloading surcharge of approx. 45,000 m3 of dredged/mined fill was provided for to improve the conditions of foundation soil over the whole project site.

The consultancy services were divided into two distinct phases, as follows:

  • Phase 1: Review of the existing preliminary design, preparation of detailed design and tender dossier;
  • Phase 2: Supervision of the construction works including a 12 months defect liability period.

In the preliminary design review three options for the quay were examined: open piled berth, steel sheet pile quay, reinforced concrete diaphragm wall, from which the best alternative proved to be the solution using steel sheet piles.

Detail design activities comprised detailed engineering design of the quay and yard infrastructures, including specific definition of the new works layout and cross sections, design of dredging and filling works, settlements and overall stability analyses, as well as the design of paving, quay furniture and installations (bollards, fenders, access ladders etc.), crane rails, drainage system and required utilities (electrical and lighting, potable water supply and fire-fighting system), corrosion protection system, and the definition of construction stages.

The overall rehabilitation project was organized, for tendering and construction purposes, in two separate works packages:

  • Works Package PHASE A, including all main structural and civil works involved in the project, funded by the European Union under the IPA 2008 National Programme for Albania; 
  • Works Package PHASE B, including paving, surface water drainage, water supply and fire-fighting systems, electrical and lighting system, yard finishing works, financed by the Albanian State Budget.

A full set of tender documents was provided by the Consultant for the works contract funded by the EC IPA Programme, in compliance with the PRAG (Practical Guide to Contract Procedures for EC External Actions) procedures and annexes.

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Delegation of the European Union to Albania




Rehabilitation of the Port of Shengjin

Cost of works

Euro 3,200,177

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