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Upgrading of the Palermo-Agrigento railway line (Italy)

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Upgrading of the Palermo-Agrigento railway line (Italy)

The existing railway was built at the end of 18th century, around the Etna volcano and climbing mountain slopes up to about 1 The project for improving the Palermo – Agrigento railway line concerns the section of line between Fiumetorto station, in the province of Palermo, and Agrigento Central station, for a total length of just over 94 km. 

The planned works include:

  • realization of 14 alignment variants, with a design speed of 90-120 km/h, including related structures, for a total of approximately 25 km.
  • realization of a new line section, the “Lercara variant”, of about 6.3 km, design speed 140 km, with the construction of a tunnel 2.7 km long, including civil works and installations.
  • minor relocations of the permanent way at various points of the alignment;
  • realization of replacement works to eliminate all the level crossings (no. 26) along the existing Fiumetorto – Agrigento line. 
  • realization of rail/road intermodal junctions for passengers, with the upgrading of the stations of Roccapalumba, Cammarata and Aragona.
  • improvement of the section Agrigento Bassa – Porto Empedocle, with works to improve the line quality, paying particular attention to the verification and consolidation of the structures (tunnels, bridges, protection and drainage works).
  • upgrading of the existing tunnels to class C.22, with works on the tunnel linings and lowering of the tracks. 
  • reclassification of the line to category C3 with the upgrading of the permanent way and the structures in view of the effect of the increased axle load and speed.
  • introduction of the higher speed limits C and P for faster trains (Intercity and Commuter trains).
  • realization of new electric traction, safety, signalling and telecommunications installations and upgrading of the existing systems.
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Rete Ferroviaria Italiana S.p.A.


Sicily, Italy


Preliminary Design, Detailed Design, Tender Documents

Cost of works

Euro 166,472,000

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