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Construction Supervision for Regional Roads Project

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Construction Supervision for Regional Roads Project

Upgrade of Access Roads consist of approach roads leading to the cities of Prizren, Ferizaj, Gjilan and Kllokot. These road sections will be improved and upgraded: from the present two-lane single carriageway roads to dual two-lane carriageways. The road improvements mostly run through the outskirts and urban borders of the cities where local traffic mixes with long distance traffic overloading the existing two-lane single carriageway roads and creating significant congestion.

The project will also provide additional traffic capacity required to relieve the existing traffic congestion in the cities of Prizren, Ferizaj, Gjilan and Kllokot and improve access into the center of these cities.

The Consulting activities are directed to verify the observance from the Contractor's side of the initial contractual obligations as well as to verify the correct implementation of the construction works in full compliance with the Tender Design, Quality Assurance Plan and in line with the approved Contractor's Work Programme, carrying out all necessary’s quantity survey operations and quality assurance/control verification:

  • inspect the works to check whether performance complies with technical specifications and drawings;
  • order and approve tests of materials and of completed works, and order the removal of improper or substandard work;
  • inspect and approve of the Contractor's laboratory, preliminary and current testing and specifications;
  • record work site daily events and quantities for payment [subject to geometric and quality tests];
  • check and verify of Contractor work progress via strict correlation with Application for Interim Payment Certificates [AIPCs] – as per General Conditions of Contract/Particular Conditions
  • analyze the claims submitted by the Contractor provided these claims have been submitted in accordance with FIDIC procedures. Further to their analysis, they shall advise the Employer/PIU showing clearly the possible scenarios. Their report to the Employer/PIU shall be presented in a special report addressing specifically the claim submitted;
  • immediately report to the Employer/PIU any event or dispute which requires the intervention of the Employer/PIU and assist the Employer/PIU in resolving any site dispute;
  • supervise/monitor the Contractor in all matters concerning safety and care of works;
  • supervise/monitor the Contractor in all matters concerning environmental protection;
  • issue the Taking-Over Certificate and prepare final statement of accounts;
  • recommend returns of guarantees and retention;
  • review draft "as-built" drawings submitted by the Contractor and advise the Contractor of all amendments required.

The contract is implemented under FIDIC Red Book contract.


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PIU / Ministry of Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure of Kosovo


Prizren, Gjilan, Kllokot, Ferizaj (Kosovo)


Construction supervision

Cost of works

Euro 26,228,091

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