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Technical supervision of the LRNIP-AF Year 2 Roads rehabilitation works (Armenia)

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Technical supervision of the LRNIP-AF Year 2 Roads rehabilitation works (Armenia)

The Republic of Armenia has received a loan from the World Bank (WB) toward the cost of the Lifeline Roads Network Improvement Project. 

The Project consist of ten (10) sections for road rehabilitation civil works (In total approx. 61.5 km roads) located in various regions of Republic of Armenia and includes the following main construction activities:

  • Demolition old structure and old utilities
  • Earthworks: Roadway common and rock excavation, embankment, ramp and side ditches
  • Granular Sub base and Shoulder
  • Pavement works: hot asphalt concrete pavement, base and wearing coarse, cold recycling base layer with cement addition
  • Drainage: Metal culvert, box culvert and drainage structures, reconditioning old structure, spillway gullies and concrete ditches, minor conc. structure, manholes, inlet and catch basin
  • Road Furniture: Barrier, guard rail, hand rail, side walk, curb, post, road marking, post and bus station
  • Bridge and structure: demolition, formworks, reinforcing and concrete work, expansion joint, waterproofing, gabion wall, rockfall protection with mesh
  • Street lighting and electrical work utility relocation services

Each road section has an individually allocated period for the completion of the civil works and the Defect Liability Period ( DPL ) is 12 months for each of the sections  of the civil works. 

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Transport Project Implementation Organization (TPIO


Republic of Armenia


Works Supervision

Cost of works

Euro Approx. 12,000,000

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