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Concept design of Roads & Infrastructures – Phase (Qatar)

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Concept design of Roads & Infrastructures – Phase (Qatar)

The project scope comprises the full design of eight packages within the State of Qatar with a total area of 30 sq. km. and a total length of roads equal to approximately 385 km. The project scope also comprises the assessment of the environmental impacts and the definition of the mitigation measures and of the monitoring activities to be performed in the later design stages.

Packages 7, 8, 11, 14 and 17 are empty areas which have been recently sub-divided into residential areas with small commercial outlets. These areas will require complete infrastructure and roads design.

Packages 9, 12 and 13 are densely populated areas with commercial streets located in the heart of the city and will involve major redevelopment.

The project includes, in general, the following activities: 

  • Master Plan; 
  • Transportation Master Plan of Qatar and Sub-Area Models;
  • General Traffic and Zones Development for 20 years extension;
  • Traffic Modelling and Study;
  • Hydrological study;
  • Study & Evaluation of Foul Sewerage, Treated Sewage Effluent, Storm Water Drainage and Irrigation Systems;
  • Topographical and Geotechnical (pavement, materials) Study;
  • Environmental Impact Assessment;
  • Design of Roads and Infrastructures. 

The infrastructure works will consist of urban redevelopment of areas, such as change of the residential area land use from single family villas to multi-storey to higher (G+7) buildings which will induce a remarkable increase in the traffic generation and changes to drainage systems.

The project is located in 8 different areas across the state of Qatar. The scope of work incorporates the design of stretches of road linking into subdivisions and adaptation to the existing and future requirements and ongoing projects adjacent to the project area. The Project area comprises 2932 ha.

The required works includes the following elements:

  • Services investigation;
  • Ground investigation;
  • Topographic surveys;
  • Environmental investigation (air quality, noise, soil and groundwater, terrestrial ecology);
  • Traffic surveys/ traffic impact analysis;
  • Road network and road corridor plans;
  • Detailed Road design;
  • Surface water drainage design;
  • Foul Sewage
  • Treated sewerage effluent (T.S.E); 
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Study
  • Street lighting design and
  • Landscaping design.

The project is divided into stages: 

  • Conceptual design Options and presentation of concept options; 
  • Concept design; and 
  • Cost Estimates.
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Urban Planning & Development Authority (UPDA


Doha, Qatar


Concept Design, Preliminary Design

Cost of works

Euro 1,550,000,000

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